• Supporting- and musculoskeletal system
    Back and neck pain (cervical and lumbar spine syndrome - Lumbago), Joint pain (knee, hip, elbow), Arthralgia, Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Neurological disorders
    Headache, Sleep disorders, Facial paralysis, Neuralgia, Migraine
  • Otolaryngology (Ear, nose and throat disorders)
    Cold, Sinusitis, Tinnitus, as concomitant therapy with sudden deafness
  • Respiratory diseases
    Asthma, Bronchial, Flu infection
  • Cardiovascular diseases
    Hypotension, as concomitant therapy with hypertension
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
    As concomitant therapy with indigestion, Irritable bowel syndrome, Nausea
  • Mental and psychosomatic disorders / Addictions
    Sleep disorders, Exhaustion, as concomitant therapy with depression and Smoking cure
  • Urologic Diseases
    As concomitant therapy with irritable bladder, Urinary incontinence
  • Gynecology
    Premenstrual Syndrome, Dysmenorrhoea menopausal symptoms, Birth preparation
  • Skin disorders
    Neurodermatitis, Urticaria


For more information about the actual effects and application areas, please see the Info-Folders:

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