The Chinese herbal medicine (phytotherapy) is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine also practiced since ancient times. Over 7000 drugs are known in Chinese medicine, 600 of those are frequently used.
A prescription can only be fully effective, if all the substances contained are balanced carefully.
The herbs may be ingested or taken in form of a decoction (comparable to tea), but also as granules, hydrophilic concentrate, powder, or pills.


Tailored therapeutic approaches - adequate to our way of life - aim at integrating western herbs into the diagnostic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To accomplish the best possible healing effect, classic western herbs based on traditional Chinese diagnosis are used and matched to the patient’s specific ailments and symptoms.

Generally, the patient can rely on the fact that all herbs prescribed today are subject to strict quality checks, starting from their cultivation to their medical application.
The herbs are obtained exclusively from specialized TCM pharmacies.


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